Frequently Asked Questions

Performance Silicone Hoses FAQ's and technical data page will hopefully answer the majority of your silicone hose related queries.

Q. Can I buy hoses direct from Performance Silicone Hoses?
Yes, you can buy hoses through our website or by contacting us direct.

Q. Can you make a special silicone hose for my car?
Due to the way silicone hoses are manufactured it is not possible to make one off specials. Every hose we manufacture has a specific tool, so if we haven't got one it is very expensive to make one. This makes the cost of a one off hose very expensive. Have a look at our range of universal silicone hoses and aluminium joiners that will enable you to build a kit to suit your exact requirements.

Q. Why should I buy silicone hoses?
Silicone hoses operate at much higher pressures and temperatures than other rubbers. For the best performance and looks it has to be silicone every time.

Q. What is the best way to clean my silicone hoses?
For the best results when cleaning silicone hose use SILISHINE with a lint free cloth. For really dirty hoses use hot soapy water.

Q. What sort of hose clips do you recommend I use?
Always use good quality hose clips with rolled or bevelled edges and a smooth liner. Never use hose clips that have the drive mechanism perforating the inside of the clip as this will damage the hose.

Q. How do I cut my silicone hose down if it’s too long?
To cut silicone hose use a new 'Snap Off' type blade. Tighten a hose clip around the hose where you need to cut it and use the edge of the clip as a guide for the knife blade. Always lubricate the blade to ensure a nice clean cut. When you get to the end slip off the clip and slice through the remainder with the hose resting firmly on a flat surface.