Silicone Hose Manufacturers PSH Leicester

You`ve found the solution for the right silicone hose manufacturer. Performance Silicone Hoses offer a bespoke prototyping solution with a usable end product. PSH pride ourselves on the high quality of every silicone hose we manufacture and can confidently say that our service is second to none. PSH design, construct tooling and manufacture silicone hoses in house at Leicester. 

Silicone Hose In House Manufacturing  Ideal for prototype production...

PSH unique service is ideal for OEMs and development engineering companies who are looking to create usable prototypes with a fast turnaround. We offer a full service from design consultation to final production. We guarantee that the silicone hoses we deliver will be fully functional, and delivered at an extremely competitive cost when compared to other rapid prototyping methods. Contact us for more information on car and industrial silicone Hoses. 

Ideal for small size car manufacturers...

Companies producing small volumes of cars such as kitcar manufactures, sports car manufacturers or companies producing cars for a specific race series will benefit from our personal service and commitment to quality. Contact us for more information on rubber silicone hoses manufacturing.

Ideal for classic car restorers...

Classic car restorers will find our ability to replicate original hoses with classic look silicone hoses very beneficial to themselves and their customers. By manufacturing replica rubber hoses in silicone the period look of the vehicle can be maintained. Contact us for more information from one of the leading can do silicone hose manufacturers and suppliers.

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